Do smoking cessation apps work?

As always, it depends - there is more to quitting smoking than meets the gwaai.

Quit Smoking with Telemedicine App

The evidence is clear – the quit smoking apps that offer the right tools do work. But the catch is that for them to work, you need to engage with the app’s program, tools, or tasks. It goes without saying that downloading a fitness app onto your phone doesn’t mean you can expect to wake up tomorrow with a six-pack like Tatjana Schoenmaker or biceps like Siya Kolisi. The same goes for smoking cessation apps – they’re a collection of tools to help us navigate a challenging process. And to truly see how these apps can help us when we do actually engage with them, we need to understand the mindset of a smoker. 

While this isn’t an exact science, as a smoker, you may find that you can probably relate to the scenario below: 


The sweet release on exhale is what you crave. 

The stress of these unprecedented times seems so far away as you watch that first puff of smoke create a hazy bubble around you, shielding you in some small way from the pressures of everyday life.

You’re knee-deep in a project, and Eskom decides that now is the best time to turn off the power. You’ve just finished your monthly budget, and in the following news report, you find out that within the next week, a tank of fuel will cost R100 more at the pump. You’re about to drive home after an utterly unproductive and frustrating day at work. You know that someone, somewhere, will cut in front of you, a jaywalker will endanger your life, a traffic cop will pull you over just for a random check – barely glancing at that taxi behind you that is held together by duct tape and prayers.


After all that, it's that sweet release that you crave.


You know that when load shedding kicks in, you’re going to light it up.


You know that when the petrol price announcements blare through the radio, you’re going to puff away.

You know that when the traffic cop finally lets you go with a warning that your license will be due in two whole months from now, you will need a smokescreen between your frustration and the frivolity of such daily stresses.


But with all these reasons to give yourself immediate gratification, you know that smoking results in more cons than pros. Beyond all of this, you know that you should come first.


Your health should come first.


Your wealth should come first. 


You know that you should quit this dependence on nicotine, the same nicotine that creates the illusion that it helps you get through the average South African day.

The examples above already tell a tale of smoking triggers. Now pile on family dramas, workloads, cravings, and peer groups, and you’ll find that even monk-like willpower will require additional help.


And that, dear friend, is where byegwaai comes in.

Introducing byegwaai: The smoking cessation app that motivates you to quit! 

Byegwaai is an app that provides comprehensive support by tracking your smoking habits and behaviour – and so much more. This one-of-a-kind quitting app was carefully curated through personal struggle, medical support, proven strategies, and with you in mind.


We understand that stopping smoking isn’t a one-size-fits-all activity. As such, our app tracks not only your smoking habits but also your feelings and contexts to help you better understand your smoking behaviour. Note down your thoughts in your online diary and dive deep into learning about the root causes that trigger your cravings. The app is focused on cognitive behavioural therapy which provides you with positive affirmation and recognition for each activity completed and achieved, this way we remind you why you are on the right path to quitting this co-dependency.


And if this isn’t enough, you can schedule a consultation with your medical professional at a time that’s convenient for you – all through the app. The skilled medical professional can then, with your permission, access your notes and put together a personalised treatment plan, and strategy to get you to your goal. Or opt for our social support feature and chat to a Quit Buddy to offload the triggers of the day all through the app. 

What’s this about a goal?

When it comes to quitting, it is essential to have a goal. Your goals must be as unique as you are, and whether that goal is to save some moola, quit the habit in a specific timeframe, or run a marathon – it is entirely up to you.


Consider your goal as your dartboard, and as you begin this journey to improve your health and wealth, it’s something you focus on. With a goal, you will be able to judge your progress over time. On top of that, your medical professional will be aware of what you want to achieve and, through our telemedicine consultations and structured quitting program, will help you reach your goals.


It’s a win-win situation. We don’t promise overnight results or quick-fix solutions. There are no shortcuts to successfully stopping smoking. But with our 10-week app-based quitting program, you can rest assured knowing that through a combination of technology, medical advice, and behavioural science, you will soon be free of the shackles of nicotine to live your life in a happier, healthier way.


To download the app or find out more about how you can join for free, click here. 

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Get the ByeGwaai app now.

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