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Break your smoking habit with byegwaai
We'll help you break your habit, one cigarette at a time.
South Africa woman stops her smoking habit, breaking her cigarette.
Try our Free Program today, mahala, niks, free.
A man from South Africa says stop to smoking cigarettes.
Let us help you say no to nicotine and quit smoking cigarettes once and for all.
byegwaai is an app created by doctors from South Africa to help you quit smoking.
Easy access to telehealth consultations and smoking cessation medications.
Gwaai Punk. A South African smoker NFT by byegwaai.
Earn limited edition NFTs by completing our program.

Are you ready to quit smoking cigarettes?

Let us help you kick smoking in the butt.

South Africa's first mobile app-based smoking cessation program.

ByeGwaai uses a simple, 3-step evidence-based approach to help you quit smoking. No tricks, just science.

Understand. Plan. Execute.
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We use next-generation mobile technology to personalise and deliver a premium smoking cessation program, right to your fingertips.

Quitting smoking can be
like escaping a maze.
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Confidently Quit

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Behavioural Science Models
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Behavioural Science to help you quit smoking.
Telehealth Consultations
with our
ByeGwaai Doctors
Telemedicine consultations with doctors to assist with quitting smoking.
Gamification of the byegwaai quit smoking program motivates smokers to stop.
Medication to quit smoking, such as nicotine replacement therapy, Champix and Wellbutrin.
Habit Tracking
Personalised Reports
Logging cigarettes and cravings gives you personalised feedback on your smoking habits.
Our mission is to provide evidence-based guidance to all South Africans when they decide to stop smoking, using nothing more than the powerful devices we carry with us everywhere.

Let us show you what the future of quitting looks like.
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Smoking Assessment
byegwaai Progressive Web Application being used by South African smoker to stop using cigarettes.

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We built ByeGwaai to work smoothly on Apple and Android phones. Available now from your favourite app store.

South African Doctors doing telemedicine consultation to help you quit smoking.

Telehealth consultations

We believe that having a medical doctor guide you through the quitting process is the most effective way to successfully quit smoking.

byegwaai personalised reports, statistics and data from your smoking habits and behaviour.

Personalised reports

We deliver you weekly, personalised reports on your logged smoking behaviour, as well as valuable metrics about your health and wealth.

Plans & Pricing

Free Program

10 Weeks
0 Telehealth consultations
Our free program includes habit tracking, CBT Activities and follow-up support for you and your quit buddy.
Personalised treatment plan, telehealth consultations, personalised reports and certificate of completion are not included in the free program.
Try our
Free Program

Corporate Program

Let's talk
10 Weeks
1+ Telehealth consultations
All Premium features included
Kickoff webinar and onboarding
Team/company WhatsApp support group
Find out
Our Guarantee:
We are confident that our program works. If you complete our Premium Program and relapse within 6 months, we will enrol you in the continuation program for 50% of the fee you paid.
Terms and conditions apply.

At this stage we regrettably do not submit directly to medical aids, but will provide you with an invoice for you to submit directly to them.
Need assistance? Please contact us.


"The emails, more than anything, kept it front of mind that I was on a quitting journey. My life is busy with loads of competing thoughts, goals and emotions. The regular reminder really did help me stay focused and made it so much easier to stay committed because it was something I was thinking about regularly."

ByeGwaai user

"It assisted me in providing a picture of why I would smoke, when and how often. I became more aware of my habits."

ByeGwaai user

"I liked to watch the average number go down each week – it was almost like a game."

ByeGwaai user
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Get the ByeGwaai app now.

Available on your favourite app stores.


Get the ByeGwaai app now.

Available on your favourite app stores.


Get the ByeGwaai app now.

Available on your favourite app stores.