Earn NFTs with byegwaai

Ready to boost your digital asset collection by quitting smoking?

In 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm and have the potential to disrupt the media, gaming and finance industries unlike anything that's been seen on the internet so far. In an article on Decrypt, Shreyansh Singh, the head of Polygon Studios, stated that NFTs will be the keys to accessing the metaverse, another global trend which has already resulted in Facebook rebranding itself as Meta and other global tech heavyweights are not far behind.

Gamification is forms a key aspect of our quitting program here at byegwaai, and we want to provide our clients with incentives they find valuable and interesting. As a result, our design team has minted a number of GwaaiPunk NFTs on the Polygon network and published them on OpenSea.io, the world's largest NFT marketplace by volume.

For a short time only, you will receive a limited edition GwaaiPunk if you sign up for our quitting program, successfully quit smoking and reach your personalised $KYF goal, our rewards token which is earned by completing various tasks in the byegwaai quitting program.

If you're interested in finding out how byegwaai works or signing up for our program for free, check out the links below.

Check out our GwaaiPunk Collection on OpenSea.io now.