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ByeGwaai quit smoking 2023 new years resolution

Your new year's guide to quitting smoking in 2023

Every year, we promise ourselves to be stronger, healthier and wealthier. 💪 🏃 💰 Quitting smoking is one the top 10 new year’s resolutions globally... and yet 80% of them fail by February 😭 This is your year to change that.
A Comprehensive Guide to Quitting Smoking

Your Comprehensive Guide to Quitting Smoking: Simply and Successfully

Planning your next quit attempt? Here are 3 simple, yet comprehensive steps you can follow to help make the journey to a smoke-free life that little bit easier.
Quit Smoking with Telemedicine App

Do smoking cessation apps work?

The evidence is clear – the smoking apps that offer the right tools do work. But the catch is that for them to work, you need to engage with the app’s program, tools, or tasks. Read on to find out more about how and why some apps do or don't help you quit smoking.
South African man evaluating finances and recommends byegwaai quit smoking app; South African woman throws away her cigarettes

Quitting, or death and taxes: South Africa’s cigarette taxes have just increased by 5.5%.

Every single year on the day of the budget speech, cigarette smokers hold their breath. How much bigger will the hole being burnt in my pocket get when they announce the increase in sin taxes on cigarettes? Economist and byegwaai co-founder Samantha Filby breaks down just how expensive cigarette smoking is about to become.